All necks are 100% hand made and shaped by me out of Mahogany. They are either solid Mahogany or Mahogany laminated with rosewood/maple/rosewood decertive center strip. Other laminate woods are avalible apond request.

Neck blanks are either cut out of one piece or glued together 1" stock, Either are available upon request as are laminated neck blanks.

Glued up neck blanks from 1" stock

Gluing up laminated neck blank

Cutting neck to body angle on neck blank using neck fixture

Cutting tenion joint using neck fixture

Tenion template installed on neck fixture

Installing cross dowels in neck tenion

Cutting neck heel angle on bandsaw using fixture

Hand shaping neck using sander, rasp, and sandpaper

Neck ready for assembly

Drilling fingerboard dot holes on drill press

Drilling fingerboard side dot holes on drill press

Gluing fingerboard and headstock venver to neck blank

Gluing mother-of-peral headstock inlay

Drilling headstock for tuning machines

Neck Assemblies Ready for fit up, top view

Neck Assemblies Ready for fit up, rear view

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