This section is still in work. More photos will be added as they become available and time permites. The end product will walk you through the step of building the guitar body, ready for  assembly.

Planning Soundboard halfs for gluing on shooting board

Laying out Soundboard for Rosette and Soundhole

Sanding Soundboard halfs for gluing on shooting board

Cutting Rosette Slot

Rosettes Slots and Soundholes Cut

Thickness Sanding Soundboard

Laying Out Soundboard for Braces

Gluing bridge plate to soundboard

Tuning soundboard braces using StroboSoft software, tapping hammer, microphone, chisel and sandpaper

StroboSoft screen

Soundboard ready for assembly to body

Sides and backs ready for thickness sanding

Thickness sanding sides

Bending sides and binding

Gluing back halfs together

Shaping back braces

Installing tail block in assembly fixture

Installing kerfling

Sanding back side of rim with radiused sanding block

Gluing on back

Cutting binding channel with fixtures

Binding channel

Installing binding and purfling with glue and masking tape

Bodies ready for lacquer finish and assembly

Body in neck joint and tail graph cutting fixture

Spraying body assemblies

Wet sanding body assembly

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