Brian Smalley; Singer-Song Writer

I have had the pleasure of getting to know Gary Hopkins over the past six or seven years because I have performed at many festivals where he has placed his creations on exhibit. What guitar picker can resist the lure of Gary's fine crafted instruments just begging to be played? Not me. Over time it occurred to me that every guitar he made was not only a thing of beauty, but each possessed resonant tone. warmth and ( HERE is the quality that many instruments lack ) balance. What's more, where most luthiers take quite a few years to get into the swing of things, Gary seems to have been born to it, and the single digit guitars appeal to me as much as his most recent accomplishments.  I acquired Gary's #7 recently, and let me say she is the finest guitar I have owned. I have never known an instrument to respond to me as it does, and I am thrilled!

Brian Smalley

"Imagine" The Brian Smalley version as no one else plays it!

Gordon Mac Martin; Singer-Song Writer

Gary told me a few years ago he was going to make guitars when he finished his career at NASA (Lockheed-Martin) as an engineer on the Space Shuttles. I thought to myself, a rocket scientist should be able to make a pretty good instrument. I was right.

When I pulled the trigger, Gary talked me though all my options for each component... top sides, fret board, tuners, electronic, even the size and shape. I got EXACTLY what we designed. It is gorgeous. It sounds gorgeous. I'm glad he is also affordable- he could get a lot more for his guitars. I was able to sell my D-35 and covered most of the cost.

The Gordon Mac Martin Group plays all original material written by its namesake. You can be hear his music at . The new CD was recorded mostly with the Hopkins Guitar. See mac playing the guitar on youtube.. (Preview) (Preview)

Joe Waller; Singer-Song Writer - Jackson Creek String Band - MacNamarra's Hurrah Celic Band

Having been a professional Forester for 30 years and an aspiring woodworker for longer than that, I love fine woods and good workmanship. When I first saw what was to become my new guitar, I fell in love with the beauty of the woods used-- the grain patterns and the awesome array of colors. Picking it up I was taken with the quality workmanship of the guitar. Then I played it. At that point it truly captured my heart. Understand, I did not need another guitar, but I was determined to own this one anyway. 

I've had the guitar now for almost 6 months and the love affair has not diminished. This guitar has become my "go to" guitar and, sadly, has banished my other guitars to their cases. Thanks Gary for making such a beautiful instrument! And thank you Katie for letting me buy it. 

If you are in the market for a fine guitar, at a reasonable price, check out Hopkins Guitars. You will not be disappointed. If you are not looking for another guitar, check him out anyway. You may find just the instrument you never knew you were looking for!

Joe Waller

Joe and Katie Waller

Susan Gandy; Singer-Song Writer

A talented and impressive luthier who will exceed your expectations every time!

Hopkins Guitars and Dulcimers are beautifully crafted instruments with exceptional attention to detail and tone.

Gary is a very understanding luthier who can make your dream come alive in the selections of wood, trims, tuners, and inlays.

I am confident that anyone who purchases a Hopkins hand -made instrument will be totally satisfied with their decision, and proud to play for the most discerning of audiences.

In appreciation for your talents,    

Susan  (Suz)  Jean Grandy,

Florida Singer-Songwriter

Tony Macaluso - Guitarist/Bass

I have G.A.S. If you’re reading this, you probably do too. My name is Tony and I have Guitar Acquisition Syndrome. I started GASsing for a Gary Hopkins guitar not long after I found out he built them. All I had to do was find the one that was trying to find me. It didn’t take long. 
There she was…No.10, with her tightly grained spruce top, herringbone trim, rosewood binding, maple back and sides, and a mahogany neck. I almost didn't need to play it. 
I find this combination of materials compelling in a mad-scientist kind of way. It is familiar, and classic, but non-traditional. It’s got a quirky, almost odd-ball quality that I love so much in cool guitars. 
Tonally No.10 is as traditionally non-traditional, and familiarly quirky as her appearance. It was love at first sight.
I’m not a wealthy collector. I can’t go chasing a Lloyd Loar signed L5, or a pre-war D-28. I’m also not the kind of guy to buy a guitar to look at. I’m a player, and my guitars have to be players too. 
Gary Hopkins gets this. He knows what is important to musicians, and can make your dream guitar come true. 
My guitar (and your next one) was hand-built, right here in Florida, U.S.A. but cost less than some factory guitars from Asia. 
My guitar was made by somebody I know…someone I’ve become friends with. 
Can you say that about your guitar?

Thank you Gary!

Anthony Macaluso

Jerry Mincey & Tony Macaluso - "Plantin' Yankees"

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